Company History

1993 Mikami Travel S.A is founded in Madrid
1997 Mikami Travel S.A. Headquarters are established in Tokyo
2000 Ibero Japan is founded. The agreement with the Paradores de Turismo to become their exclusive representative in Japan is signed. The Outbound Department is established.
2008 The Inbound Department is established.
2011 Ibero Japan inherits the Land Operations business from Mikami Travel S.A.’s Tokyo Office.
2014 Due to business expansion, the office relocats to Shinjuku-ku, Iwatocho


Company profile

Name Ibero Japan S.A.
Founded November 2000
Directors Masaru Mikami
Certified General Travel Service Supervisors Yasuko Ichikawa(Kiyose), Hidaka Kumiko, Sasaki Masato
Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA). Overseas Tour Operators Association of Japan (OTOAJ)
Affiliated company MIKAMI TRAVEL (Madrid)
License number No.1860 by Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency
Address Bun-eido Bldg 4F, 17, Iwatocho, Shinjuku-ku, TOKYO 162-0832 JAPAN